Flash Prep With One Leg Up

I created this pose for one of my Forrest Yoga teachers after she had a double mastectomy from breast cancer. Flash Prep opens the back of the heart where many of us experience numbness. For my Forrest Yoga teacher, we began her rehab by doing this pose standing up with the forearms on the wall, torso at a right angle.
Flash Prep Is Great For:

Unclogging shoulders and emotions at back of heart.
Building strong and intelligent muscles in upper back, shoulders, arms, chest muscles, serratus anterior, core and legs.
Switching on/rehabilitating chest muscles, armpit muscles and nerves.
Stretching/lengthening hamstrings, calves and achilles tendons.
Decompressing the neck.
Connecting core to legs.

 How To Perform  

Start on hands and knees. Bring elbows to the floor. Clasp upper arms/biceps — this is your elbow measurement. Keep elbows this distance and bring right forearm to the floor. Slide left hand back, left palm on floor. Aligning left wrist under left elbow. Relax neck.

Inhale: Spread upper back. Push forearm and palm into the floor.
Exhale: Wrap shoulder blades toward armpits, straighten legs, press heels down. Relax neck.
Inhale: Lift ribs away from shoulders. Broaden upper back and feel for spaciousness. Squeeze elbows toward each other; turn on chest, serratus anterior and upper back.
Exhale: Move left shoulder away from ear, wrap both shoulder blades, send left elbow toward leg.

Up-Levelling – One Leg Up

Inhale: Lift left leg skyward, “press floor away”. Activate feet; turn on inner legs.
Exhale: Relax neck and jaw.
Stay for 2 breaths, then switch legs

Do 2-3 breaths per leg, come down, switch arms, do 2-3 breaths per leg. Work up to 10-12 breaths in total. Focus on wrapping shoulder blades toward armpits, flex chest muscles. Relax your neck. Breathe deeply.