Flatulence filtering jeans and pyjamas?!

The company behind the award winning pants expanded their range to jeans and pyjamas! In summer 2015 Shreddies expanded their ever popular flatulence filtering range to the requirements of their customers.
Both jeans and pyjamas contain a larger area of carbon than the underwear as it runs from the waistband to just above the knee creating a carbon short! Most flatulence happens at night when you’re sleeping and a lot of Shreddies customers were after something to offer them extra protection at night – this is why Shreddies PJS were created! They’re most useful for work trips/new relationships.


Shreddies jeans are perfect for giving you the confidence you need to continue with your active lifestyle. Their discreet design looks just like a regular pair of jeans as they have no branding. In the pipe line at the minute they are busy creating a carbon undershort which is set to be their most effective garment to date – so keep your eyes peeled!

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