Flatulence trouble in yoga class?

Award winning underwear that’s changing people lives…Shreddies flatulence filtering underwear! You may be forgiven for thinking it’s a joke but it’s not! They’re scientifically proven to filter flatulence up to 200x the average!
How do they work? They contain an activated carbon filter that runs from the top of the waistband at the back running down under the gusset and halfway up the front. The carbon filter traps and neutralises all odours so you can’t smell a thing! Contrary to belief all gas is still removed from the underwear as just the smell that’s trapped. (You’re not going to blow up like a balloon!) The underwear is then reactivated when washed and should last two-three years!shreddies-yoga-pose

Shreddies offer 4 styles, two for women and two for men including their revolutionary support boxers which feature an inbuilt sling to lift and enhance the male package and were also granted a double page in the History of Men’s Underwear book!

If you’d like to find out more about their products or make an order yourself they ship worldiwide from their website www.myshreddies.com