Flying Pigeon Pose


• Begin in Mountain Pose, flex your right foot and sweep your right ankle above your left knee.

• As you exhale, bend your left knee as your hips move back and down. Keeping your right foot flexed, push your right knee away from your body while the hands are in prayer or on your hips.

• Mindfully, lean forward and plant your hands on the floor in front of you spreading your fingers wide.

• Come up on the ball of your left foot and wrap the top of your right foot around the upper left arm as your right knee presses into your right upper arm.

• Begin to bend at your elbows and straighten them using your upper arm like a shelf.

• Take your gaze forward as your chest broadens and your elbows are drawing in. You can stay here or you can straighten your left leg extending up and back behind you. Stay for a few breaths.

• To exit, draw your left leg back in and un-hook your right foot landing on the soles of your feet as you come back up into standing.


• It strengthens the wrists, forearms and shoulders.

• It stretches the hips, hamstrings and calves.

• This pose stimulates the digestive tract and improves balance.


• If you have any serious injuries to your wrist, your other option would be to simply do Kapotasana (Seated Pigeon pose) instead.

• If you have sciatica or any hip joint injury avoid this pose.