• From Down Dog, step your right foot forward outside your right hand into a wide lunge and hug your inner right knee into your right shoulder.

• Drop your right shoulder down below your knee, sneak your right arm behind your calve and place the palm flat outside your right foot.

• Lower your back heel down and press through the outer edge your left foot, lifting your left inner thigh away from the floor.

• With your right index finger pointing straightforward, root down through the inner edge of the palm, draw your right shoulder back and turn the crease of your right elbow forward.

• Lift the front heel up and grab the outer edge of your right foot with your left hand. Press your back foot down for stability as you lean more weight into the bottom hand and lift the front foot up, pulling it in toward your torso with your left hand.

• Inhale and begin to extend your right leg straight, squeezing your inner thigh into the bottom arm, simultaneously pressing your bottom shoulder back into the leg.

• Draw your left shoulder back, bending the top elbow toward the ceiling as your revolve your chest open.

• To release slowly turn your top arm and chest back down as you bend your right knee and place the foot back down. Step back into Down Dog and repeat on the other side.


• Strengthens the upper body, wrists and legs.

• Opens the hips, hamstrings and side bodies.

• Engages and tones the core.

• Builds confidence and awareness of body working as a whole.


• Leave the back knee down for more support.

• Use a strap around the floating foot.

• Place the bottom hand on a block.


• This is a very intense pose on the wrists, shoulders, hips and hamstrings.