Once the Crow and the Rooster poses become familiar aspects of your Self, there are no other obstacles limiting you from traversing the cosmos. In this case, the journey begins by simply lifting your knees off of your arms and towards the stars above. In order to accomplish this we must become com- pletely clear that we are born from light and return to it. Ev- erything in between is dancing in that glow.


• The key to space travel is to not re- turn to using the out-dated limited and contraindicative strength of the back for real power.

• Simply keep returning through regular conscious practice, to the inner frontal and upper side body cross core connection. One can say more suc- cinctly, that from a drawn down shoul- der blade base, extending the shoulder joints should switch on the long side body power of the ribcage, and then lift from the ‘body bandha’, which is a way of describing the integrated power structure of the central body. The key is to leave the knees close to the body even as it lifts off the arms and touches the torso. In this way you are never lifting the legs up from the back; rather extend the spine and shoulder struc- ture in a folded position. Bringing the legs up in Lotus will happen spontane- ously at the precise moment of your destiny.


From the inner heels and bases of the large toes, inner thighs, inner pel-
vis, inner abdomen, and up the side ribcage body through the inner arms to the base of the thumbs, and bases of the index and ring fingers. Once this thread is interconnected, the channels are flowing and all systems flow.


• Total transformation and understand- ing of what power is.
• An expanded innerness that links all of the core components and five bod- ies (physical, mental, emotional, ener- getic and spiritual) into an integrated super structure.

• Stars were meant to shine before supernova 🙂

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