Forrest Yoga Mini-Practice 

This sequence is great for revitalising. Breathe deeply; feel for the openings, releases and strengthening that each pose brings to you. Take the time to start your day with this sequence. You deserve to have this thrilling, exhilarating energy as part of your daily diet. Care enough to do this for yourself. You are worth it!
1 - Seated Side Bend
Seated Side Bend

Sit cross-legged. Place left hand on floor, 18 inches from left hip.

• Position: Extend right arm over head. Inhale: Lift ribs. Exhale: Wrap right shoulder blade toward armpit, relax neck. Pull left shoulder blade down.
• Position: Reach right to right, fingertips 12 inches above ground. Exhale: Rinse tension from right side of neck andbrain. Inhale: Uptake the sweetness of the neck release.

5 breaths each position. Switch sides.

2 - Elbow To Knee

Elbow To Knee
Clasp hands behind head. Pick feet up, align knees over hips. Feet active. Press lower back onto mat throughout pose.

Inhale: Lift head and shoulders up.
Hold breath: Curl tailbone up.
Exhale: Reach both elbows to right knee, straighten left leg. Pull belly down.
Inhale: Back to centre, both knees bent.
Hold breath: Curl tailbone up.
Exhale: Reach elbows to left knee, straighten right leg. Pull belly down.

That’s 1 round – do 5!

3 - Abs With A Roll

Abs With A Roll
Place a rolled-up mat or towel, between thighs (roll thickness 20cm diameter), on pubic bone. Clasp hands behind head. Straighten legs skyward. For ‘tweaky’ backs/tight hamstrings, bend knees.

Inhale: Press lower back into mat.
Hold breath: Curl tailbone up, squeeze roll
Exhale: Curl head and shoulders up. Pull lower belly down!
Inhale: Lay shoulders and head down.

Repeat 4 times

4 - Bridge With A Roll

Bridge With A Roll
Keep rolled-up mat between thighs. Heels under knees. Slide shoulder blades away from ears, relax arms.

Exhale: Lift hips, tucking tailbone up.
Inhale: Lift ribs away from pelvis.
Exhale: Tuck tailbone up, lengthen thighs away from hips, squeeze roll.

Do 5-10 breaths

5 - Dolphin 1 Leg Up

Dolphin 1 Leg Up
Place forearms and knees on floor. Grab biceps of each arm. Pivot forearms forward, parallel to each other. Beginners/shoulder ‘tweaky’, clasp hands instead. Relax neck.
Exhale: Wrap shoulder blades, straighten legs.
Inhale: Lift ribs away from shoulders. Lift right leg skyward.

5 breaths each leg.

6 - Lunge


*If you have time, do Suns instead (see Fierce Medicine)

From Down Dog, step right leg forward. Back knee down. Reach arms up.

Inhale: Lift ribs.
Exhale: Tuck tailbone down.

5 breaths each side.