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The Full Moon of each month has a specific name. Mostly it has to do with the season or the weather. Many of these names originate from different Native American tribes. Below are the English interpretations of the 12 most common Full Moons.

I really love the story behind each one, it reminds me of how many times the moon has been seen by so many people through time. Just one single moon – wow, imagine what she’s seen! So, in this chapter, I will tell you a little about the stories of each moon and then a yoga pose that I feel helps to represent its energy. When you come to this particular Full Moon perhaps you can add this pose into your sequence to really enjoy the energy that it evokes.

January | Wolf Moon

The year begins with the Wolf Moon, when it’s believed that wolves could be heard howling in the snowy mountains of North America, hungrily prowling for food. Winter is a time to slow down, ground your energies, find strength in yourself, and prepare for the year ahead.


Moving between these two poses really allows you to be closely connected to the Earth. Find the strength of your body, keeping the balance, moving the spine. And as you take a cat pose maybe you could add in a howl as you gently lift your head, to really channel the powerful energy of wolves.

February | Snow Moon

The February Full Moon is known as the Snow Moon for the simple reason that this month usually has the highest snowfall of the year in North America. Makes me want to grab a blanket just thinking about it!

Happy Baby

When the snow melts it becomes water, and the water element is connected to the inner thighs. Taking this reclined pose allows you to become more in touch with the softer energy of the inside thighs. Be more yin-like, more feminine, being still in the body and enjoying this deep stretch.

March | Worm Moon

In this month we celebrate the spring equinox, a time of renewal, abundance, and regeneration. The energy here is lively and full of hope. Our Full Moon this month is called the Worm Moon for all the insects that start to appear on the earth, thus helping spring along, encouraging growth and bloom.

This pose allows us to find strength from the Earth to reach this backbend. Digging down into the roots, finding lightness in the upper body. A pose where it can feel like you are flying.

April | Pink Moon
The Pink Moon comes in around Easter time, and it’s this time of year that our beautiful Earth starts to come alive with colour and life – think blossoms for days, the sweet smell of spring. Baby chicks, bunnies, and lambs. This season feels so full of life and abundance.
Tiger Pose
There is so much grace to be found in this pose (unless of course your balancing is a little off, which happens a lot, so don’t worry!). Try to discover the balance between the hand and the knee/shin (sometimes tucking the toe under can help) and enjoy the extension through the chest and heart. Perhaps even lift the head if you’re feeling totally balanced.

May | Flower Moon
We now meet the transition from spring to summer, when Mama Earth really is in her full glory of color, texture, and smell. Makes sense then that May’s Full Moon is called the Flower Moon, for all the blooms that open in abundance.
Reverse Warrior
Strong through the legs like the Earth with the warrior stance, and then an elegant side bend like the blooms of flowers. I don’t think I have ever taught a yoga class that doesn’t involve this pose. It’s such a beautiful pose to execute and really allows the breath to be big. Lush!

June | Strawberry Moon
Summer solstice vibes here, long days, warm nights, and His Majesty the Sun shining down on your skin. The taste of the summer is definitely the strawberry, and June will see the first abundant crops of this delicious fruit.
Camel Pose
One of my favorite poses in one of my favorite months! I just had to put the two together. I love the way that in this pose you can intensify or pull it back with such small adjustments. I really encourage you to go with your heart and inner wisdom, go with what feels amazing for you.

July | Buck Moon
July’s Full Moon is called so for the stags’ (or bucks’) antlers that are now at their full growth, and the epic shadows they create on the land. Deer always give me a feeling of strength and grace, I admire their speed and the elegance of the way they look and hold their wisdom.
Deer Pose
This pose creates a shape like a stag’s antlers with your legs. It’s a beautiful pose to ground your energy and feel stronger, and you can also enjoy a gorgeous twist of the spine and side stretch. Definitely another of my favourite poses.

August | Sturgeon Moon
This last-of-the-summer Full Moon is named after the sturgeon, a prehistoric-looking freshwater fish that is found in the Great Lakes region of North America and is in full abundance at this time of year.
Fish Pose
Channel the energy of the fish with this gorgeous elevation of the chest. The way the spine is propped up by the arms here really reminds me of the flexibility of a fish’s spine. Allow your shoulders to open and your neck to feel free.

September | Corn Moon
September is harvest time. After all the incredible hard work that has been done throughout the year, now you will reap the benefits. This moon is named due to the corn grain being ripe and ready to pick at this time of year. This Full Moon falls near the autumn equinox; take stock, take pride in how far you have come.
Twisted Lunge
I chose this pose as when I make this shape with my body, I instantly feel the energy. And for harvest/equinox time we need a bit of energy – there’s all that labour of reflecting to do! A beautiful pose that really feels like you are wringing your spine out like a wet flannel

October | Hunter’s Moon
Again, we are at a seasonal shift – the nights start to get a little chilly, and the evenings darker. Now is the time to stock up for the winter months and get hunting. I can really imagine how important this time of year was way back when.
Elephant Twist
Continuing with my twisting theme, as I feel that twists create glorious energy in the body. This twist really allows us to find strength and support from the ground up, and the long extension it creates feels really lush

November | Beaver Moon
November’s Full Moon is said to be when beavers are at their most active. I guess they too are gathering for the winter months. Beavers are famous for working together, appreciating each other’s strengths to accomplish their tasks. I really love this idea of being together, as sometimes when we enter winter it can feel quite lonely. This Full Moon encourages us to reach out to our loved ones for support and love.
Half-Moon Pose
This balancing pose really feels and looks like you are reaching out in all four directions with your body. Using both arms and legs together to find balance, it can be modified using a block under the hand. Keeping the gaze on the floor can help too. The stretch you will feel and the length you can find is so beautiful.

December | Cold Moon
December’s Full Moon is the final Full Moon of the year and is usually before the winter solstice. Why Cold Moon? Well, as I’m sure you can imagine, it’s pretty cold outside. Drawing energy inward, settling in, gathering to find rest. A peaceful Full Moon, a time to be still.
This pose really allows us to check in with ourselves, and see where we are at. This pose involves lying on your back on the floor, in a wide shape, allowing you to feel cradled by Mama Earth. A really powerful and supportive experience.

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