Half Camel Pose



• From a kneeling position, come up onto both knees, placing them hip-width apart. Place the palms of the hands on the sacrum with the fingers pointed down.

• Inhale and press the knees down, stretching the crown of the head up to lengthen the spine. Exhale and push the hips forward, squeezing the buttocks and thighs while supporting the body’s weight with the arms while bending backwards.

• Carefully reach the right hand down to the left heel or ankle.

• Inhale and reach the left arm up and in front of the body, keeping the hand in line with the eyebrow.

• Breathe and hold for 3-6 breaths.

• Slowly bring both hands back to the sacrum. Repeat on the other side.

• To release slowly bring both hands to the sacrum. Slowly inhale the torso up to a vertical position, letting the head and neck be the last to rise.