Hands-Free Handstand

Hands-Free Handstand



First come into Salamba Sirsasana.
Elbows shoulder-width apart, forearms pressed into floor, fingers interlaced and the ulnar point of the wrist rooted into the ground. The top of the head rests on the oor between wrists and hands. Bring the knees to floor towards the forehead, press elbows into the knees to activate shoulders. Keeping the shoulders activated, tuck the toes under. Root the head into the blanket/floor. Raise knees until the trunk is vertical. Raise legs in your preferred method and come into Sirsasana. Everything elongates upwards from the rooting points on the floor. If the integrity of the pose can be comfortably held for 5 minutes, you can explore variations.
Release the hands from the back of the head and place palms on the oor in front of you, ngers pointing towards the face, forearms and upper arms at a 90-degree angle in line with the shoulders. Then turn the palms so fingers point away from you. Extend the arms in front of you, palms facing the ceiling. Arms can be a little wider than shoulder-width for balance. Reverse to come out.


Improves body-mind coordination.
Good for cardiovascular health.
The body becomes strong and steady. Firmness of body and mind are necessary for meditation.


High blood pressure. Menstruation.
Detached retina or glaucoma. Neck pain/ whiplash.

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