Hayley Johns

Yoga ruined my life. I came to it young, as a teenager. I fooled around and flirted with it for a while. It was purely physical; hot, sweaty and lustful, but then I fell in love. Proper can’t eat, can’t sleep, want to be with it all the time, agonising love. Yoga took me into its heart and made the world make sense when I was convinced it didn’t. Nothing else mattered, only me and it against the world… Oh dear!
Obviously, this couldn’t last, it was completely unsustainable. It was an inappropriate, co-dependent relationship, which I then hated (obviously). I’d injured my body, I’d neglected those closest to me, I’d neglected myself. I had chosen it above all else. I had bottomed out, but then something shifted. I understood that it had to be this way.

From the bottom, only then was I ready to meet it head on, from a place of mutual respect and truth. My friend yoga. Of course, it welcomed me back with open arms and I went with an open heart. Every single day it inspires my actions, the inner most thoughts of my heart and my world, which has never quite been the same.

This is my relationship with yoga. Everybody’s relationship is different and I will never presume what yours will be. As a teacher I hope I give you the space to cultivate your own relationship. Watching you, holding your hand when you need me to, through rough and smooth. Helping you find your balance and peace with it. I want nothing more than for you to find what this practice means to you, all I ask is that you not fulfil your relationship from a template. Find something in that space that is your very own and that will inspire you everyday.