Head Of Knee Pose




Establish Dandasana (Staff pose), elevating your bum onto a folded blanket should you experience any rounding through the lumbar spine.

Bend the right knee, and gently drop it to the right side. Set the foot to the top of the inside left thigh. Keep the right foot active throughout, don’t allow it to slide under the left leg.

With the hands alongside the pelvis, press down equally through both sit bones (grounding) and inhale gently lifting up through the side waists, feeling the lower belly draw in and up.

Exhaling, gently turn the torso towards the extended leg. Grounding again through the pelvis, firm the left thigh down and keep active in the left foot.

Inhaling, lift again through the side waist keeping the lower belly lifted.

Exhaling, pivot forwards from the hips and set the hands using either the variation shown, or catching the foot, ankle or shin. You can also use a belt to loop around the widest portion of the foot.

Tip: if you are catching or using a belt be sure not to pull yourself forward, which will result in hunching of the spine.

Once you’ve set the hands inhale again and lift the sternum, drawing the lower belly in and away from the pubis, exhaling fold a little deeper. Hold for 30 seconds to a minute, breathing deeply. Be sure the right side of the ribcage is on an equal plane with the left side.

TIP: Try to direct the breath in to the back of the ribcage creating some more space!

Inhale, rise up and repeat on the other leg.