• Come into Child’s pose, lift your head up. Clasp your hands around the opposite arms, get correct measurement of the elbows, place forearms on the floor.
  • Interlace forearms forward, keep palms open. Forearms and hands now form a tripod base for Headstand.
  • Place crown of head on floor, so head is supported by the cup of your hands.
  • Press your forearms in the floor and keep shoulder blades sliding down your back from your ears. Try and keep your elbows under your shoulders.
  • Tuck your toes under, lift your hips, take a few breaths.
  • Walk your feet in as far as you can towards your head, lifting hips so back becomes straight. Keep lifting shoulders and keep base strong.
  • Using abdominal and lower back muscles draw knees into chest. If this is too strong try one leg at a time. Eventually, keep knees into chest, stabilise and focus on balance and breath.
  • Slowly lift thighs, breathing, strong low abdomen, pushing forearms into the ground.
  • Bring legs straight in the air, with an exhale take right leg forward left back. Try and create equal distance between. When you feel balanced change legs, working with breath. Always rest in Child’s pose after.


  • Increases blood ow to the brain and pituitary gland, revitalising entire body and mind.
  • Due to reversal of effect of gravity on the spine, strain on back is reversed. Plus, reversed blood ow in legs and visceral regions aids tissue regeneration.


  • Avoid if high blood pressure or are recovering from head or neck injury or certain eye conditions.
  • Whilst building confidence work near a wall.
  • Begin with 3-legged Dolphin Pose (see sequence) which helps with building strength and awareness in forearms and belly.