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Transforming Generational Energies

Words: Inna Sega

Within our ancestral lineage, there can often be unresolved issues and energetic imprints that continue to influence our lives. These generational patterns, stored within our subtle bodies, affect our mental, emotional, and energetic well-being. However, when one person in the family chooses to confront and heal these deepseated patterns, it has the potential to create a transformative ripple effect that benefits not only themselves but the entire family.

Unearthing the Past: A Grandfather’s Story

Many years ago, I had the privilege of hearing my grandfather’s harrowing tale of survival in a Siberian work camp from the age of 14 to 24. Despite enduring unimaginable hardships, his intuitive abilities and unwavering courage were nothing short of extraordinary. However, as he approached the age of 70, the weight of his past began to manifest in his demeanour. He became increasingly depressed, critical, and negative, making it challenging to connect with him on a meaningful level. One day, as he shared the intricate details of his story , the profound emotional impact triggered a surge of empathy and understanding within me. I cried, which made him uncomfortable. So I decided that the best thing to do was to leave, allowing myself the time and the space to explore my feelings. When I got home I didn’t feel like talking to anyone, so I locked myself in the bathroom and decided to have a shower. Standing under the soothing water of the shower, I began to cry. But these were not just my tears. It was as if I had tapped into a deep reservoir of the pain and suppressed emotions that my grandfather had carried silently within him and was feeling what he had never allowed himself to feel.

Transformative Healing and Family Impact

In that poignant moment, I realised that I had a unique opportunity to assist in the healing process not only for myself but for my entire family lineage. Through a connection that transcended time and space, I offered my love and became a conduit for my grandfather to express the feelings he had long suppressed. For an hour, I cried tears that didn’t feel like mine. I wept for the traumatised child that my grandfather once was, sending him waves of love, compassion, and the healing qualities that I felt were necessary to address the unspoken pain he carried. It was an intense and cathartic experience, a sacred exchange of emotions and energies. I realised that I was working directly with my grandfathers inner child. Over the next 3 weeks I connected to his inner child daily and observed as he strengthened and became healthier.

Gone were the shadows that had clouded his spirit. He was sharing jokes, telling me enchanting stories and was being positive about his health conditions. As weeks and months passed, the profound shift in my grandfather’s energy was evident to everyone who knew him. Although no one in the family could put their finger on how this had occurred. After a while I shared what I experienced with those members of the family who were open to it. They were amazed by the power of ancestral healing and inquired how they could release the emotional burdens they felt they were carrying. Later, several attended some of the live and online courses where I teach how to do this. It is empowering to know that by acknowledging and transmuting the pain of the past, we are able to bring light into the darkness and uplift not only ourselves but our entire family

Healing for Ourselves and Future Generations

The experience with my grandfather taught me a valuable lesson about the interconnectedness of our familial energies. We are not isolated individuals; rather, we are part of an intricate tapestry woven by the lives that came before us. The unresolved wounds and unexpressed emotions of our ancestors have the potential to reverberate through the generations, affecting our own mental, emotional, and energetic well-being. To break free from this cycle, we must have the courage to face and feel what our ancestors could not. By understanding, acknowledging and learning from the experiences they were unable to process, as well as discovering the wisdom of our own feelings we create an opportunity for profound healing and transformation. The energy that was once suppressed and confined finds release and restoration, allowing us to not only rewrite the narrative of our lives but to become the co-creators of new and empowering possibilities. When we confront and heal these generational patterns, we not only liberate ourselves from the burden of unresolved ancestral pain but also contribute to the healing of our lineage as a whole. In particular lightening the burden for our children who can then focus on living their own lives fully without carrying heavy burdens from the past they may know little about.

Why it’s Important Not to Push Away Family Patterns

It is important to recognise that these generational energies cannot be pushed away or suppressed indefinitely. If left unaddressed, they will find alternative ways to manifest in our lives, often leading to repetitive patterns of behaviour, emotional challenges, and even physical ailments. By choosing to confront these energies head-on, we create space for profound growth and transformation. Acknowledging the pain and emotions that our ancestors were unable to express requires tremendous courage. It may involve revisiting painful memories, delving into unresolved traumas, and allowing ourselves to truly feel the depths of our own emotions in order to discover greater wisdom and to gain deeper levels of compassion. This process can be challenging and may require the support of therapists, healers, or trusted confidants who can provide a safe space for exploration. As we engage in this healing journey, it is essential to approach ourselves and our ancestors with kindness and a desire to understand what they have been through. We must release any judgments or expectations and instead hold space for the emotions that arise. This compassionate approach allows us to create a bridge between past and present, facilitating the integration and release of ancestral pain. So let us embrace the opportunity to transform ourselves and our ancestral imprints, creating a legacy of healing, resilience, and love for generations to come.

Inna Segal is a bestselling, award winning author of several books and cards on wellness and healing. Her new book is called ‘Understanding Modern Spirituality.’ For more info about her work and free masterclasses please visit

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