Heather Bonnie Lee

YM’s Teacher of the Month, is Heather Bonnie Lee. Read about Heather’s yoga journey and where her practice is taking her next. Heather also shares a collection of poses and a sequence for you to try at home.

Looking back on my journey of becoming a yoga instructor, it was filled with more ups and downs, trials and tribulations, and unexpected turns then I could have ever anticipated. I was 18 when a colleague of mine convinced me to go to my first yoga class – little did I know the powers it would have over me and how it would completely transform my life.

For many years after that first class, I would squeeze in my own personal yoga practice wherever my hectic work schedule would allow. I was travelling the world; flirting with careers in the fashion industry, working in bars and nightclubs, and directing my pursuits into the financial sector. Five years ago, that all changed when I found myself in a class being led by someone who has now become my most inspirational teacher. Her passion had consumed me and I had experienced an overwhelming and light hearted feeling, a calming energy had taken over me, and at that very moment I had an overpowering sense of clarity, an epiphany rose to the surface – I wanted to teach and I wanted to share the physical, emotional, and spiritual transformative qualities of yoga with whoever searched for it.

A month later I was living in India, studying Ayurveda and meditation, and training to become a yoga teacher. I am now truly blessed with the opportunity to be crossing borders with the running and developing of ‘Y&W co’ – a yoga and wellness company that delivers expertise in health, wellness, and the benefits of yoga. I am forever thankful to my growing client base of women, men, and children who inspire me through their personal journeys, discoveries and transformations. 


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