Help For Heroes

Suzie Jennings, a Kripalu yoga teacher at Help for Heroes, has been teaching Adaptive yoga to wounded, injured and sick service personnel, veterans and their families since 2012. Suzie has exposed our beneficiaries to a mind and body programme that they can live by, both on and off the mat. Classes consist of learning to be fully present in the body, deep breathing techniques, relaxation, as well as the postures and their benefits.
Former Army Medic Sergeant Simon Harmer says, “Yoga has helped me learn to relax and to sleep much better, which has given me a greater quality of life, something you can’t put a price on.”

Help For Heroes

Anecdotal feedback from beneficiaries has shown that these yoga sessions have very positive and far-reaching benefits, not just in the physical sense of a body that moves more fluidly.

Reported benefits also include an increased ability to relax, better quality of sleep and less perceived stress and anxiety. Several tell us that learning the breathing techniques has been life changing in helping them to cope with challenging situations.

Suzie now has a solid core of followers taking part in her weekly classes, many of who have seen active service and are now comfortable on a yoga mat. They readily admit that they had never entertained the idea of trying yoga, let alone making it part of their daily lifestyle!Help For Heroes Logo

Get involved

Help for Heroes is now looking for yoga teachers who would like to train in Adaptive yoga to teach these inspiring individuals at our Recovery Centres in Catterick, Colchester, Plymouth and Tidworth. To register your interest for this programme, please email [email protected]

For further information about Help for Heroes, please visit

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