Heroic Auspicious Warrior I With Eagle



• Establish tadasana with mula bandha (root lock) and uddhiyana bandha engaged. Inhale, step back with your left leg about a legs length apart. Ensure both hips and shoulders are facing forwards. Root down through all corners of the feet being conscious to work from this stabilised position.

• Keeping your back leg straight with the thigh engaged, exhale and bend into your right leg so that the thigh is parallel with the earth.

• With palms facing down inhale, arms horizontal in front of you and take the left arm over the right arm. Twist the arms together with the palms facing towards each other.

• Exhale and spread the fingers wide stretching out the bones in the hands.

• Inhale, reach the arms skywards, draw the shoulders down the back and then start to arch the back taking your drishti past your fingertips.

• Take 5-10 breaths. Inhale, return to upright position. Exhale, reach the arms out to the side.

• Inhale, step the left foot forwards come back to tadasana and repeat on the other side.

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