How to Perform

FLYER: Come to standing over the base’s, head facing away from his or her body. Start to lean back and you should start to feel the base’s toes ideally near and in between shoulder blades. Gently going into a small backbend that is comfortable for you, allow the base to lift your feet by your ankles. Relax by allowing your arms to fall from your sides and allow this therapeutic pose to open your heart.

BASE: Hold onto the flyer’s ankles with fingers on the outside and thumb inside. Bring legs to 90-degrees, placing the toes as close to being in-between shoulder blades. As the flyer starts to give weight onto your feet, simultaneously bend your knees to straight and start to straighten your arms too. When coming down gently bend your arms and knees to place the flyer’s feet on the floor and push with your feet to help them roll up to standing. Remember to let go of their feet as they stand so they are free to step away.


If your comfortable in back bends, ask for more pointing of the toe from the base if you wish to add more of a backbend stretch.


A third person (spotter) is generally recommended if you need to increase safety and get feedback on your alignment. Tight hamstrings? Place a rolled up matt underneath as this will help maintain a line even when legs are bent.

For less of a back bend, the base can adjust by pressing more heel into the back.


Avoid if you have any spinal injuries that could be irritated by back bends (flyer).
Come out of the pose or adjust foot placement if there is any discomfort.

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