Hike the Himalayas

Have you ever fancied visiting the spectacular Himalayas? Britain V Cancer “Hike the Himalayas” is a very special and unique event offering you the opportunity to do just that whilst raising funds for the cancer charity of your choice.

Whether you choose to raise funds for CLIC Sargent, Children with Cancer or for a hospice or cancer charity that is personal to you, Hike the Himalayas will help you change lives whilst embarking on the experience of a lifetime.

The challenge takes place in India and entails six days of trekking starting at Dharamsala, the spiritual home of the Dalai Lama and finishing at Laka Got (3,550m) well above the Himalaya snowline. We will trek through stunning mountain landscapes using the ancient trails of Ghadi shepherds and sleep under the stars in remote mountain camps.


There are three ways in which you can fund your Britain V Cancer Hike the Himalayas challenge.

Minimum Sponsorship*
Select the cancer charity or hospice of your choice, register for the challenge and then fundraise £2,900. Providing you have raised the funds 10 weeks before the challenge your charity will pay the tour costs on your behalf. The remaining funds and any money you raise over your minimum sponsorship will go directly to your chosen charity.

Self Funding with Sponsorship*
Pay the tour costs yourself (£1,349) 10 weeks before the challenge and then fundraise as much as you can for your chosen charity.

Self Funding*
Simply pay the tour costs (£1,349) 10 weeks before the challenge.

*All three methods require you to pay a non-refundable registration fee of £299 when you sign up.

Taking part in Britain V Cancer will help you make a real difference to the lives of many cancer sufferers and their families. Join us today for what is sure to be the experience of a life time.

Sign up and select your charity at actionforcharity.co.uk choosing “Britain V Cancer, Hike the Himalayas” under Open Challenges.

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