Holistic Silk

What inspired you to set up Holistic Silk?

The sheer lack of beautiful yet effective self-help products on the market is what inspired me. I was a buyer, working closely with alternative health practitioners and learning first hand through their clients how stressed and time-poor the western world had become. Yoga was becoming more popular in the UK and had experienced huge growth in the US indicating that change was afoot in the way people perceived maintaining their health. Generally the products on the market looked medical and grey. I married my love of textiles and alternative health and Holistic Silk was born.

What is the ethos behind it?

In today’s fast paced environment the ultimate goal for many is to achieve quality sleep and to be able to “switch off” from busy jobs and lifestyles. we aim, through our products, to help customers relax, restore and rejuvenate to alleviate everyday stresses. We started with yoga and travel based products, recognizing the health benefits yoga can bring compared to speedy workouts at the gym, and have evolved into spa and beauty products too.

How much input do you have on the designing process?

Each products requires a lot of research to obtain the maximum benefit, so that is the first stage of the process that is carried out. I am then solely responsible for the design process, from the initial sketches and fabric selection through to being the main point of contact for our manufacturers.

How important is Fairtrade and ethical production to you?

It is vitally important for us to have a transparent product. We purchase fabrics and trims from reputable merchants and clarify with production studios that people involved in the makeup of Our products are paid a fair wage for their exceptional skills.

Tibetan make some of your products, What traditional  skills do they use?

Beautiful symbolic embroidery. We have used the Buddhist cloud motif for Our Anti Ageing Silk pilow cases.

Do you think the clothing industry is becoming more ethical, and what can we do as customers?

Yes and no!  Whilst the demand for ethical production  defiantly increased the demand for faster cheaper has  escalated. The sheer waste involved cheap fashion 1s saddening Consumers can look to buy less and invest in quality items that can last longer and be cherished. Holistic Silk pro- duces quality products that endure. We often get emails about our Eye Masks that have lasted since we began 15 years ago – there is no planned obsolescence in our product. We continually strive to be better and are aware that we are producers too.

How do you take care of yourself, and how do you deal with the stresses of running your own business?

Having your own business means you don’t really have the luxury of switching off. I really try to stay grounded and do everything in moderation not always easy as I do thrive on work and that involves a computer a lot of the time l have a fantastic team t work With me and we make sure to stop for healthy lunches together most days. think morning exercise and making time for my young family is the most important thing for my wellbeing.

What does 2016 have in store

This year we celebrate 15yearS and as a result we have some exciting projects that we are work- on that we will be unveiling early this year, so watch this holistic space.

Where is holistic Silk stocked?

The majority of the collection is stocked in Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge  in the Beyond Beauty de- e Ground Floor We are also in Harods, Liberty, independents and spas around the can find us online at holisticsilk.com

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