Hot Yoga House

Hot Yoga House is the first hot yoga studio in Middlesex – a brand new, bespoke 2,400 square foot studio in Eastcote, Middlesex. With a modern twist to the traditional Bikram yoga studios, Hot Yoga House offers a warm, homely feeling and a friendly atmosphere. Situated on the second floor, the studio offers amazing views of nature, which adds to the tranquil feeling you get from the minute you take your shoes off and walk through the door.
Come and meet the studio owners Amy and Leanne who have built their studio up from an idea they had 4 years before opening their dream. Their research and time, from India where it all began, to the high impact studios of LA have allowed them to gain a huge amount of experience and knowledge to ensure this studio meets the needs and requirements for every single individual that comes to the studio.

Hot-Yoga-HouseAmy and Leanne say, “We wanted to make sure when creating the Hot Yoga House brand that our students use yoga in their everyday life. Yoga isn’t all about being perfect in a pose or about getting your head to touch your toes, its what you learn on the way down. It’s not about being a vegan or living off the latest green juice, it’s about what feels good for you and your body at the time. It’s knowing that you are in full control, and by having yoga in your life, your spine will continue to grow with your smile. Your heart will strengthen with your knees, and that morning run wont be hard because you don’t have tightness and that supermarket shop wont strain your back. Life becomes less stressful, situations get accepted and life gets simpler. And if you’re ever feeling in doubt, then come sweat it out!”

Hot Yoga House
269 Field End Road – Eastcote
[email protected]
*Picture of Leanne and Amy taken on Manhattan beach in LA

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