Hot Yoga Sheffield

Hot Yoga Sheffield is a boutique studio with 35 classes each week so you can attend when it suits your schedule. They are the only dedicated Hot yoga studio in Sheffield and will soon be opening a second location on Edgedale Rd.

New students join all the time and everyone is welcomed as if they were a long-lost friend. Their students encourage each other and their teachers know their stuff. Any questions, just ask and they are happy to help.


anne-marie-gordon-and-koreen-clementsTheir founders, Anne Marie Gordon and Koreen Clements, are two North American gals who fell in love with two English lads. They moved to the UK and brought with them their love of all things yoga and vegan.

They know that yoga can change people’s lives. They share the benefits of a Hot Yoga practice and a yogic lifestyle with people who want to make lasting changes in their lives. Their aim is to create a ripple effect to make this world a better place, one city, one class, one person at a time.

The best way to begin is with a New Starter Special, which is a 30-day trial for only £32. You can attend as many yoga classes as you like, do their beginner course and try out the three styles they offer; Hot Hatha, Hot Vinyasa and Hot Yin.

Radio producer Kit Bailey knows all about the struggle of being a mum and having a career. After attending classes at Hot Yoga Sheffield for the past 6 months, she feels less anxious, less stressed and has loads more energy. “Give it a go!” she says. “Let go of all expectations of how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or ‘well’ you’re going to do everything. It really is not about that at all. The heat does take a bit of getting used to, but it’s not as bad as you think it’s going to be and for someone as stiff as me, it does really make a difference.”


Hot Yoga Sheffield
26-28 Commonside
S10 1GB
0114 438 2489