Hot Yoga Society

Hot Yoga Society is London’s biggest community of happy hot yoga lovers, brought together by their passion for staying t, feeling great, and putting hot yoga at the centre of a healthy lifestyle, for the body and mind. Yes, today you can practise hot yoga in a wider range of venues, but, there is something unique about coming to a dedicated boutique Hot Yoga Studio.

Their studio, nestled in the heart of London Bridge, is where their hundreds of members use hot yoga as the key to a happy, healthy life; whether to get fit, de-stress, lose weight or heal injuries. Whether you’re a complete newbie or an expert yogi, their varied range of classes makes the Hot Yoga Society the perfect place to sweat yourself amazing. What is most noticeable when you come to take class is that their community comes in all shapes, sizes and backgrounds, as they encourage everyone and anyone to give it a try.

At the core of what they do is Bikram method, 90 minute, 26 posture yoga. In addition, if you have a bit less time or like to mix it up a little, they o er a variety of different classes to suit all schedules and tastes including Warm Vinyasa, Hot HIIT and meditation classes.

Studio Director and Hot Yoga and fitness addict Olga Allon’s dream was to combine her love of yoga with her love of architecture and design a space where people could come and enjoy yoga and health. “I feel that at my studio, I have created a beautiful retreat for people to get away from the hectic world around them and do something incredibly good for their body and mind.” She prides herself on creating warm and friendly studios and bringing together a team of happy staff and happy teachers. You can follow Olga and her yoga and fitness tips on Instagram @olgaallonhys

Introductory offer for new members: 20 consecutive days for £35

Hot Yoga Society
1A Magdalen Street London – SE1 2EN
020 7036 3866

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