Housetrip Vegan And Vegetarian ‘Where to Eat’ City Guide

House Trip Vegetarian and Vegan GuideAs any well-travelled vegan or vegetarian might be able to tell you, finding somewhere suitable to eat in a foreign country can often be a rather stressful affair. Language barriers, as well as being in an unfamiliar city are the main obstacles that will present themselves to anyone who travels overseas. Whilst this is all part of the adventure, and can be the best part about being in a new place, when you are hungry they are more often than not be the last thing you want to be dealing with. This is where this brilliant new vegan and vegetarian ‘where to eat’ guide comes in.
House Trip Vegetarian and Vegan GuideCreated by HouseTrip, this guide currently features three prominent European travel destinations: London, Paris, and Berlin. Local vegan and vegetarian food experts provide tips on where to eat in each city. Also included are restaurant reviews, and interviews with celebrity chefs! All of the restaurants that have been included in the guide are either exclusively vegan or vegetarian, and their locations are all clearly marked on the interactive city map. Directions to each of these restaurants are only a click away, regardless of your location! An incredibly handy ‘directory view’ has also been included in the guide, which gives users the option of searching for a restaurant in list form, as opposed to hunting for one by geographical location on the map. There is also the option of filtering the restaurants into ‘best for families’, ‘best for special occasions’, and ‘vegan’ categories, so the perfect restaurant to suit your needs will never be too difficult to find. Say ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ to the stressful, and time consuming process of finding great vegan and vegetarian food in a foreign city, and ‘Bonjour’ to being able to spend more time exploring these fantastic cities with a full belly.