How a Healthy and Wellness Retreat Can Change Your Life

Mercedes NgohMost of us know, all too well, the exhaustion experienced from a persevering schedule that pushes us to our limits day in and day out. Too many hours in the office and a never ending to-do list at home takes a toll on our mental state and diminishes our joy. We become drained when operating from depleted resources and run on adrenaline and the caffeine in our daily dose of coffee. Week after week I welcome wearied, over-worked, burnt out guests at my retreat Yeotown and these similar issues seem to plague almost everyone who comes through our doors.
If you have ever spent 48 consecutive hours doing nothing but nourishing your body and soul, you know the value of stepping away from routine and taking a deep breath without the distraction of responsibility. A getaway built around an ambitious itinerary may be a great escape when you are looking to shatter monotony, but it can also leave you longing for a vacation from your vacation once you return home.

Far from your typical holiday, a health and wellness retreat is designed to renew your spirit and replenish your lust for life. Located in a tranquil environment surrounded by nature, health retreats provide you an opportunity to slow down and focus on yourself for a while. The urge to move at lightning speed quickly disappears when you step into a space of serenity and allow time for mindful recreation such as long hikes, rejuvenating yoga and healing massage. Physical challenges combined with meditative classes and delicious, healthy food will increase vitality and restore balance. After a few days of life-changing adventure, you feel refreshed and ready to waltz back into your life with a newfound radiance that will shine for you and all the world to see. Here are a few things you can expect to take with you on your journey back home:

1. New perspective
The way you look at life shifts when you step away from it and recharge your batteries. The list of chores awaits you but no longer looks like an overwhelming pile of tasks that will never get done. The things that demanded your attention and annoyed you to no end now seem like no big deal. You have the ability to see with clear vision and realize that everything is happening for a reason.

2. More energy
Working around the clock, whether you are checking email or mentally preparing tomorrow’s schedule, will throw anyone off balance and drain your energy. When you stop thinking and take time to relax deeply, you revive a well of natural energy inside of you.

3. Gratitude for the people you love
While absence makes the heart grow fonder, focusing on your own needs and briefly retiring from your obligations fills you with energy and compassion for yourself. Once you are recharged, the abundance of love spills over into other areas of your life.

4. Heightened senses and increased awareness
When you become still and quiet, you tune in to your body’s wisdom and hear the whispers of your spirit. You awaken to the beauty inside of you as well as the external world. Colours become brighter, fragrances stronger, and flavours taste more potent than ever before. You are alive and recognize the grace in each moment.

5. Weight loss
When you are indulging in nutritious meals, physical exercise and plenty of sleep, extra weight begins to naturally fall off the body because you have detoxed and let go of the worries and stress that add pounds to your physique. Your body balances itself out and begins to take its natural shape.

6. Balance
Now that nature has put you in harmony with your internal clock, you will feel centred and balanced. You are reminded how to connect with who you are and listen to your own needs even when duty is telling you otherwise.

mercedes ngohMercedes Ngoh Sieff is co-founder of the award winning Yeotown, Britain’s leading health retreat. Flow Yoga Mama to two baby yoginis and wife to an awesome guy, in addition to being one of the UK’s happiest and most creative Vinyasa Flow Yoga teachers, Mercedes is also featured lifestyle blogger for the Huffington Post and contributes articles to popular wellbeing websites such as MindBodyGreen and Elephant Journal.

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