How do we address the not so pretty sides of ourselves?

Do you remember two months ago? We talked about the ability to stop and think for a minute. Think about all the situations, relationships, jobs and friendships that do or does not make sense in our lives. I saluted the women who dared to take the time to ask the question – am I happy in my life?
Being happy and balanced is not always a case of following the polished trends or norms of society – but sometimes it is about accepting the ugliness in life as well – and not run with it.

Sometimes I am mad and angry with myself, and everything around me. Is that rational? Is that okay? Am I a bad person for not being calm and collected 24/7? These are the questions I ask you. As spoken by Mahatma Gandhi: 

“It is not that I do not get angry. I don’t give vent to my anger. I cultivate the quality of patience as angerlessness, and generally speaking, I succeed. But I only control my anger when it comes. How I find it possible to control it would be a useless question, for it is a habit that everyone must cultivate and must succeed in forming by constant practice.”

In yoga, I find the time and silent moments to address and work with potential anger. In order to achieve my inner peace and balance – my focus during yoga evolves around the acceptance of being angry sometimes. Sometimes the shady sides of your personality can be ugly – but as in everything in life, we have to address it, flip it and do something about it if it does not make sense to us.

When I practice yoga, I find the time to accept the not so pretty features of my personality including the feeling of anger. During yoga, I keep my focus on anger as just a feeling, not becoming the anger.
Two months ago, we talked about striving to become the perfect human being. An eternal battle that will never seem meaningful when most of us feel the need to suppress the ugly trades and feelings we may have. Perhaps we all need to take the time to figure out and accept that the polished and social correct way of living our lives limits us and withholds us from getting closer to achieving inner peace and full acceptance of who we are.

billedeSo let us accept the fact that ugliness may occur and disturb. But – by keeping the eye on the goal and cultivating the control of the anger we might get to a state of balance in body and soul.

I am still wearing my seven chakras and Om with me every day as a reminder of my continuously journey and path towards a peaceful state of mind and body. If you need a reminder, you too can get the bracelet here.

In reflection and on a journey



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