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And how to get started

Words: Jessica Lahoud

Choosing crystals can be a magical and rewarding experience, but it can also be overwhelming, especially if you are new to this field. With the right preparation, the process can be an easier, delightful and even an empowering experience. Crystal healing can bring great benefits to your life. By following the following tips you can make the process of selecting the right crystals for you a fun and enlightening one.


Before you start your search for crystals, take a moment to reflect on what you wish to accomplish or achieve with the help of your crystal companions. Whether it’s improved sleep, emotional balance, spiritual growth, or all of the above, having a clear intention will help guide you in choosing the right crystals for you.


Trust your instincts and choose crystals that speak to you. Some people might feel drawn to a crystal purely based on its appearance, while others might feel a deeper connection to a crystal because of its energy. It’s important to tune into your own energy and witness how each crystal interacts with you and makes you feel. Follow your intuition and select the crystals that feel right for you.


High-quality crystals have a clear and defined structure, free of blemishes, cracks, or inclusions. It’s not necessary to purchase top quality crystals in order to benefit from crystal healing, although you may wish to ensure your chosen crystals are at the very least authentic. Make sure to buy from a trustworthy source who has a strong reputation for quality crystals.

Trust your intuition

At the end of the day, trust your intuition when selecting crystals. The crystals that you feel drawn to are often the ones that will have the most positive impact on your life.

It’s also worth noting that a crystal’s energy quality is not tied to its cost. There are many high-quality, highvibrational crystals that are also lowcost. An inexpensive crystal can be just as powerful as a more expensive one.


Each crystal has a unique energy vibration, and some might be bettesuited for specific purposes than others. For example, amethyst is known for its calming and relaxing energy, while citrine is used to attract abundance and prosperity. Consider the energy of the crystal when making your selection.


Choose crystals that align with your intention and purpose. If you are seeking to improve your psychic senses, consider azurite, kyanite, or sodalite. If protection is what you need, black tourmaline, charoite, or obsidian might be right for you. If you’re on a path of emotional healing look to amazonite, rose quartz or howlite.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of a crystal can also play a role in its effectiveness. Large crystals are often used for space clearing and energy healing, while small crystals can be carried with you as a talisman or placed on specific points on the body for healing. While a large crystal might look incredible on your coffee table, if you spend more time out of your home than in, jewellery would be the more practical choice.

To begin with crystals, simply having a few is sufficient. Anything additional is an advantage. If you aim to delve deeper into crystal healing and document your progress, these basic supplies serve as an excellent starting point:

  1. Crystals: Choose the crystals that resonate with you and purchase them from a trusted source.
  2. Clear quartz: If you only choose one crystal, make it quartz. Clear quartz is a versatile crystal that can amplify the energy of other crystals and clear negative energy.
  3. A safe space: Store your crystals in a safe and protected space where they won’t be damaged. Small pouches for your pocket stones, a special box for jewellery, or a shelf for larger crystals are all great options.
  4. Cleansing method: Crystals can absorb energy or can become stagnant over time, so it’s important to cleanse them regularly. You can cleanse your crystals using salt, water, moonlight or even visualisation. Certain crystals may be vulnerable to damage from water, so it’s crucial to research beforehand before utilising water for cleansing.
  5. Rituals: Research key rituals and guides to start your crystal healing journey. With practice, you can develop your own daily crystal routine.
  6. Journal: Keep a record of your crystal experiences, including the crystals you are using, the intentions you are setting, and any changes or improvements you have noticed.

With these tips and supplies, you are ready to embark on your crystal journey. Remember to be patient, trust your intuition, and have fun exploring the incredible world of crystals!

Jessica Lahoud was born into the gem industry and is the author of ‘Crystal Companions: An A-Z Guide’ (Rockpool £14.99). Find out more about crystals and rituals in Jessica’s book and follow her on Instagram @mineralism_aus, @ jessalahoud.

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