Start standing in Tadasana and transfer the weight to the right leg. Bend the left knee and take hold of the outside of the left ankle. Now each the right arm upwards, ensure the right leg is strong and the thigh is contracted, and start to kick the left leg back firmly whilst reaching the right arm forwards. Keep everything strong including the abdominals and take five steady breaths.


Exhale and allow the right hand to come down to the floor. Allow the left hip to rotate slightly and kick the left foot upwards and the upper body lifting away from the right leg. Let the right hand to rest lightly on the ground and lift the gaze a little.

Drop the left hand to the floor and bend both knees moving the left leg towards the right so it is behind the right leg. Lower into a seated position so the right leg is over the left, with the left foot resting on the ground next to the right hip. Pick up the right foot and hold the outside of the right foot with the left hand. Slowly extend the right left forwards whilst rotating the upper body to the right and reaching the right arm back so both arms are parallel to the floor. Move your gaze to the right hand and hold for five breaths.

Slowly turn back to face forwards and relax the right leg down. Placing the soles of the feet together, drop the legs out to either side. Interlace the fingers and place the hands under the feet. Draw the upper body towards the feet and take five deep breaths.
Inhale and lift the upper body and extend the legs forward. Place the hands six-inches behind the hips, fingers pointing forwards. Press the legs together firmly and lift the body upwards, pressing the feet and hands firmly into the ground. Allow the head to gently drop backwards. Keep pressing the hips upwards and open across the heart area. Breathe.
Exhale to lower back down and gently fold forwards. Tilt the pelvis forwards and extend from the lower back. Take hold of the big toes with the first two fingers of either hand and pull the upper body forwards. Flex the feet strongly so the thighs contact and use your bandhas. Breathe five deep, slow breaths before returning to sitting.