International Animal Rescue

International Animal Rescue established a clinic in Goa, India to relieve the suffering of the many strays on the streets and beaches. When the tourist season ends and the holidaymakers depart, homeless dogs and cats are left to fend for themselves and IAR’s centre is busier than ever treating and feeding the sick and the starving.

The cruel practice of dancing bears in India was made illegal in 1972 but in the decades that followed bears were still beaten and mutilated to force them to dance. IAR and our partners Wildlife SOS finally put an end to this barbaric practice in 2009 and the rescued bears receive expert care in our sanctuaries in India.
Destruction of the rainforest and the illegal trade in wildlife in Indonesia inflicts terrible suffering on thousands of animals and threatens some endangered species with extinction.

IAR’s team rescues and rehabilitates orangutans in Borneo, from small babies to fully-grown adults that have spent years in captivity. Our aim is to release these primates into protected forests but first they need months, even years in our care to prepare them for life in the wild. Our team in Java rescues and rehabilitates macaques and slow lorises. Post-release monitoring has proved that the macaques thrive once back in the wild. A release programme is also being developed for the slow loris, a highly endangered nocturnal primate.

There are plenty of ways to get involved with International Animal Rescue.
To find out more, please visit or call us on 01825 767688.

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