International Bowen Therapy Week

Bowen Therapy

International Bowen Therapy Week will be celebrated this year from the 13th-19th April in conjunction with Tom Bowen’s birthday, the creator of Bowen Therapy.

Bowen Therapy is a drug free, non invasive remedial technique which is administered by a trained BTPA Bowen practitioner to treat those who suffer from a range of health problems and wellbeing concerns. The aim of Bowen Therapy is to release stress at a deep level, stimulating the body to make the required changes and, as far as possible, restore the body back to homeostasis (physiological equilibrium).

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Tom Bowen started practicing an unnamed technique to treat the injuries and ailments of local sportsmen, friends and family where he lived in Geelong, Australia. After finding that his therapy was successfully assisting with the recovery of his clients, Tom Bowen opened his first clinic in the 1960’s and continued to develop and practice his therapy. During the 1970’s it was reported that Tom Bowen was treating over 13,000 people a year!

It unfortunately wasn’t until Tom Bowen passed away that this iconic finger, thumb rolling technique was titled “Bowen Therapy”. Bowen’s legacy continues, not only in Australia but worldwide. The Bowen Therapy professional Association has over 100 certified Bowen Practitioners in the UK alone.

The celebration of this week moves towards the build up to what would have been Tom Bowen’s 100th birthday in 2016. Further to this, the intention of the week is to build a profile for both Bowen Therapy and the legacy of Tom Bowen in shaping community wellbeing locally to Australia, nationally in the UK and internationally around the world.

As part of the celebrations of the week, the BTPA will be coordinating an awareness day specifically for the UK on Tom Bowen’s 99th birthday, 16th April 2015. The awareness day will span the UK, with BTPA practitioners participating in individual events for the cause of Bowen Therapy and the work of Tom Bowen. BTPA hopes that therapists from other organisations will join them in the celebration of Tom Bowen’s work.

To have a chat with a Bowen Therapist, in the first instance, the BTPA can be contacted via
Telephone: 0844 561 7173
or via Email: [email protected]

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