Is it an allergy or a COLD?

Spot the difference with Pritpal’s symptom checker

Your eyes are sore, your nose is blocked, and you have a cough, all of which are the first signs of a cold, or could it perhaps be an allergy? Unfortunately it can be difficult to tell the difference, particularly as we start moving into hayfever season.

Cold and allergy symptoms do tend to overlap quite a bit, so being able to identify the symptomatic differences between the common cold and an allergic reaction effectively can give you a head start on getting the right treatment this year.

Colds are caused by hundreds of different viruses, to the point where summer colds are caused by completely different viruses from those spread during the winter. When one of these viruses takes hold, your immune system attacks which results in the classic cold symptoms, such as nasal congestion and coughing.

Pharmacist Pritpal Thind from Caregrange Pharmacy has put together a symptom checker below so you can easily spot the subtle differences:

symptom checker

Pritpal goes on to comment: “The most important difference between cold symptoms and allergies is that colds never last longer than two weeks. If you are experiencing symptoms after 14 days, then definitely make an appointment with your doctor, as it could be an allergic reaction to something.”

If by using the check lists above you’ve identified your symptoms as that of the common cold then reach for ColdZyme®, the first over-the-counter, preventative cold treatment to use the enzyme Trypsin found in deep sea cod, which has exceptional properties in creating a protective barrier against bacteria and viruses. The enzyme is unique because it becomes super active at 37oC, for example when in contact with skin and/or mucous membranes and at this temperature it starts to counteract infections.

The easy-to-use oral spray targets the mouth and throat where the cold virus takes hold and multiplies. It works by coating mucous membranes, creating a protective barrier that acts on the cold virus, trapping them and disabling their ability to bind to human cells where they would normally start to cause typical cold symptoms.

While most other cold remedy products only help reduce the symptoms of a cold (at best – since only very few of those have any documented effect), ColdZyme Mouth Spray acts on the cause of the disease itself. The spray is suitable for adults and children from 4 years+. One bottle of ColdZyme® 20ml is enough to treat three common cold episodes and ColdZyme® One Cold 7ml is enough to treat one cold.

ColdZyme® 20ml £15.99 and ColdZyme® One Cold 7ml £9.99 is available from Boots stores nationwide and, and from Independent pharmacies.

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