Isbourne Holistic Centre

TheIsbourne Foundation was founded in Cheltenham on 21st December 1995 as a registered charity with a mission to create positive lives through education. And now some 16 years later, the Isbourne Holistic Centre, at the foundation’s hub, has become a pioneering center for spiritual development and holistic exploration attracting top international authors and practitioners for talks, workshops and courses.
The Isbourne has recently hosted events with legendary luminaries like Byron Katie, Brandon Bays, Graham Hancock, Diana Cooper, ‘Extreme Pilgrim’ Peter Owen Jones and ‘Horse Boy’ Rupert Isaacson.
The Centre also features top regular tutors in a diversity of mind body spirit subjects – from yoga, Tai Chi and meditation, to astrology, psychic studies and a variety of esoteric subjects. Over the years, as the mind body spirit industry has grown and become increasingly mainstream, the Isbourne’s courses have become ever more accessible to a wider audience and the emphasis has shifted to offering practical skills for dynamic, vital, fun and soulful modern living.
The Isbourne’s mission to create positive lives extends far beyond its holistic centre hub. In 2004, IT Schools Africa (itschoolsafrica. org) was founded as an outreach project of the Isbourne to transform IT education in Africa, where it runs computer distribution programmes in Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Madagascar and other African countries. The Isbourne also works closely with the Makhad Trust (, which helps to preserve the heritage and livelihood of the Bedouin tribes in Egypt’s Sinai desert.

For further information, visit or call 01242 254321
The Isbourne Holistic Centre
4 Wolseley Terrace,
Oriel Road,
GL50 1TH

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