Janet Vella

MindBody Mentor, professionally trained dancer, yoga teacher and RTT Therapist, Janet is the founder and creator of KORA7 and proud author of Walking in Socks. A typical day floats between mentoring and writing and she continuously expands her days with innovations, new philosophies research and travel. Albeit an extensive background in dance and many years of yoga teaching, experience, breakdowns and breakthroughs still remain her boldest expertise and credentials she will ever gain.

The self-healing of a destructive injury, suicidal depression and all her childhood shortcomings propelled her into seeking a new way of life. Having been blessed with such a life, she has now made it her business and mission to rehabilitate misaligned bodies and to heal tortured minds. Depression, mental instability, addictions, childhood traumas and broken hearts are her main areas of expertise and Janet’s aim is to get as many individuals back on track in the shortest possible ways.

Through a recipe of Yogic practices, Art and Rapid Transformational Therapy, she is dynamically dedicated to empowering and healing women and children.

Her days are lived as if they were the last. To read her book, experience her work or simply get to know more of her stories, she can be found on janetvella.com

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