Dear YOGA Magazine readers,

Welcome to the New Year! YOGA Magazine wishes all of our readers a wonderful year full of joy, peace, prosperity and positivity.

Firstly, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our amazing contributors and readers for your continued love and support throughout 2020. We’ve loved bringing rich content to you and we hope that you enjoy yet another issue packed with informative features, tips, and plenty of yoga that will have you starting the year with renewed vigor and zeal.

Have you ever wondered about the principles of Shamanism? If so, then you need to read my interview with Jeff Glattstein. Not only does he share a lot of useful information, he brings it down to earth with practical steps anyone can take.

The article “Quick Standing Yoga Sequence’” by Eva Kristlova features step-by-step instructions, combining a rejuvenating practice with a walk in the great outdoors. And we join Barbara Currie, the UK’s No.1 bestselling yoga expert with her article “The ‘New Normal’ Lockdown Poses” with features that you can incorporate into your home yoga routine.

Many yoga teachers are finding it difficult to focus on their mental wellbeing, especially now with a number of them in a vulnerable financial position. Melissa Albarran took the time to interview senior yoga teacher Eleonora Ramsby Herera, who provides both inspiration and practical steps yoga teachers can take to stay mentally strong and healthy in their profession. Trainer Pro by Yoga Alliance Professionals is a welcome initiative to help potential teachers to chose the right course. And Katerina Vachova talks about how accepting oneself is the key to happiness in her piece “Yoging Yourself, My Journey To Self Love”.

And, in tune with spirit of the New Year, Kerri Richardson provides an alternative to the traditional resolution by focusing on starting the year with clarity with the article “New Year, New You”. In our nutrition section, we have festive and winter recipes by Marlene Watson-Tara, “3 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Sugar Intake” by Lauren Windas and “5 Great Reasons To Go Plant-Based” by Keith Squires.

You also won’t want to miss “What Does Your Face Reveal About You?”, Savina Atai’s deep dive into face diagnostics and Tao face yoga. Anna Rodgers shares her lovely experience staying at Lefay Dolomiti, the multi-award winning Italian ski and wellness resort. There’s also an insightful feature by Rehana Jawadwala on “Pregnancy Yoga” that explains how yoga can help in giving birth, postnatal bonding and mothering.

There’s lots more packed in this month’s magazine including “Yoga for People of Size” by Michael Hayes, “It’s Not Your Diet, it’s Your Mindset” by Tonya Leigh, Valerie Barna’s yoga journey, Yoga Sutras, vedic astrology and a new outdoor online yoga platform, Earth Souls Yoga.

I hope that you will continue to make YOGA Magazine part of your monthly wellness journey this into year.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2021!

Yogi Maharaj Dr Malik