Editors Letter

Dear YOGA Magazine readers,

Greetings and blessings .

YOGA Magazine wishes you all a splendid year full of joy, abundance, prosperity, peace and good tidings. It’s a time to look ahead confidently and positively and for deep reflection. Make peace with yourself and others, forgive and learn to trust the process of life. We have one life here my friends – and life is for ‘living’ and ‘loving’ .

We hope you enjoy this issue. There’s advice, words of inspiration, step by step practical yoga exercises, yoga sequences, meditation, nutrition tips and lots more. The work of the Brahma Kumaris (Raja Yoga) is featured and we also celebrate the legacy of Paramahansa Yogananda’s Kriya Yoga Teachings in the West (Self Relization Fellowship). Peace pilgrim and one of the major trailblazers of the UK environmental movement, Satish Kumar (Karma Yogi) speaks candidly about how living a simple life can have a profound impact on not on ourselves, but also our world. We also explore his new book Elegant Simplicity.

The Winter Wellness sequence and New Year’s ritual feature by expert Yoga Teacher Jess Horn is packed with step by step instructions for coming into yoga poses as well as guidance and good advice on wellbeing. Cutting- edge innovative bamboo clothing range BAM is at the forefront of sustainable wear. We take a look at some pieces from the collection in our fashion pages.

We are very pleased to share Jennifer Levin’s personal story of how embracing yoga led to her cancer recovery.

There’s also an insightful feature by Tom Norrington Davies explains the meaning of moving meditation together with practical yoga exercises. I hope that you will continue to make YOGA Magazine part of your monthly wellness journey this year.

Lots of love, peace and good wishes.

– Yogi Maharaj Dr Malik, Editor


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