Jo is the owner and resident yoga guide at Yoga Holidays Turkey founded in 2009 with freedom-seekers coming year after year to indulge in her teachings.

Yoga came into her life just at the right time. She had lost her dad in a car crash when she was 25 and was suffering from Rosacea on her face for 13 years. She was full of grief that manifested in her continually living in fear, being a workaholic, angry, frustrated and an expert at self-sabotage.

In her first yoga class 16 years ago, she discovered her breath, and in a second of quietness and conscious breathing her mind became silent, her body softened and in that second of what felt like bliss gave her hope and the courage to change her life.

Selling her hairdressing business and home in the UK she moved to Turkey with her family and indulged in her yoga practice to begin facing up to her suffering an intense body pain.

Slowly over time and hours of self-dedication, the effects of her practice guided Jo through recovery. Her rosacea started to fade, and her mind and life began to open up. Jo began to understand and release her emotions that had kept her stuck and unhappy for years. Her fascination with what she had discovered about herself led her to write an e-book ‘Tune into Yourself or Su er’. Jo then became a certified core strength Vinyasa guide and studied Yoga Anatomy with Leslie Kamino .

Jo’s ‘Change-Makings Retreats’ and growing reputation of owing people into there magic, run from May through October. In the winter months, Jo hosts ‘Freedom-Seeking Workshops’ throughout the UK.

Jo is passionate about her breath-centred practice and the profound effects it has had on her body, mind and spirit which has healed her from the inside out.

To download Jo’s E-book for free, and for more information about Jo and buy premarin online yoga retreats, visit

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