Juicing VS Blending

“Should I juice my veggies or should I blend them?” is a common question that I receive on a regular basis.
I do BOTH, and here is why…

Juices – my favorite option for breakfast. Almost every morning I start with fresh juice. It usually containssome herbs, vegetables and apples. This is the first thing that gets into my body in the morning, after a few glasses of water of course. Sometimes, when I am in a real hurry I use my blender. I just blend together bunch of greens, frozen bananas add coconut water/milk or almond milk and while I am taking shower my great breakfast is ready!

Also, I often drink a smoothie in the afternoon, when I work at home or after my workout. Smoothies are great for maintaining your energy level. And from time to time I do prepare a smoothie in the evening when I want something refreshing and light after an active day.

One thing I always highlight is the importance of vegetables. I try to make it EASY and TASTY get my vegetables. There are so many life-changing benefits of vegetables and they play a significant role in disease prevention as well as a healthy weight loss.

No matter the differences between juicing and blending, the common denominator will always remain that both are efficient ways to receive your nutrients in a concentrated manner that typically saves time and makes it easier for more people to ‘eat their veggies’.

So, if you’re not a big veggie eater, juicing or blending can both be very beneficial to your health.

Let’s look at JUICING first.


I am not talking about buying a bottle of ‘fruit juice’ at the grocery store as those are typically loaded with sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial ingredients. ‘Nude juice’ doesn’t count either…I am talking about taking WHOLE vegetable and WHOLE fruits and juicing them through a juicer. Just one note, please use ONLY slow type juicer, not centrifugal!

There are many benefits to juicing whole fruits and vegetables. When we juice we are pulling out all of the vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables and pouring it into one cup! Not only does this make it easier for our bodies to absorb the nutrients, but it speeds up the process and gives our digestive system a break as it is easily and rapidly absorbed.

It is like you are getting the BEST part of the veggies (the vitamins and minerals) in one powerful drink that is EASILY digested and absorbed.

Juicing plays an important role in preventing long term chronic diseases as you are getting REAL vitamins, minerals, and nutrition not created in a lab.

Essentially, juicing is going to provide all of the enzymes and minerals the fruits and vegetables have to offer with a much quicker absorption due to the fact your digestive system won’t have to work as hard to process all the insoluble fiber.


You are likely to be wondering, what about all the pulp you are leaving behind when juicing? That is true. There is a lot of fiber that is left behind in the pulp. If you are eating properly, then you should be getting fiber from other sources throughout the day. So this should not be a huge concern.

The goal for many juicers is to get max nutrients into the body in a manner that can be quickly absorbed. When you DO consume the insoluble fiber that is largely found in vegetables, it holds back the absorption of the vitamins and minerals AND you DO pass that fiber through your system undigested. With the fiber that is passed, some of the vitamins and minerals go along with it.

Give me a SMOOTHIE!


Blending on the other hand addresses the concern with the fiber. By BLENDING, you get the WHOLE fruit and vegetable thus you DO get the fiber.

Most of this fiber is insoluble fiber. It is considered gut-friendly fiber because it can have a laxative type effect and make you more regular. These fibers do not dissolve in water, so they pretty much pass through your body intact and undigested.

With blending, the whole fruit or vegetable is consumed, so you are taking in all the nutrients and fiber content compared to a juice. Fiber increase can significantly aid in being more “regular” in the bathroom AND with giving you the feeling of fullness which can help with weight loss.

Whether juicing or blending, you can always buy ingredients in advance and stick them in your freezer. Both of these options will benefit your diet, aid in promoting an alkaline body, and help prevent chronic diseases for the present and future.

Juicing and Blending each have their benefits and differences, and that is why in the end I include BOTH juicing and blending in my diet.


• Fresh herbs – the most useful ingredient for juices and smoothies. I especially like parsley, spinach and celery.

• Do not be scared of green colour. Add apple or pear for sweetness. You can always add a frozen banana, which will also add thickness drink and it’s much better than ice. For even more nutritious smoothie add avocado and berries.

• Best combination of smoothie “fruit + greens” or “vegetables + greens.” Do not add in a blender carrots, broccoli and oranges. Your digestion will not like this mix:)

• For the juice, you can choose any vegetables and greens, adding sweetness by apple or pear. Also, you can always add piece of ginger, lemon or lime juice.

• Eat it! Both juices, smoothies! Don’t drink them, try to eat them

• Do not mix juice or smoothie with your main meal. It is always better to drink them on an empty stomach half an hour before the next meal

Written By: Olga Loucka, blogger and nutritionist – www.goodfoodclinic.com