Julie MontaguSeven years ago, Julie Montagu took her first teacher training with Baron Baptiste in NYC and followed it up with a 200-hour teacher training with two Baptiste Master teachers from Boston, MA. Her teaching roots began in two church halls in Wandsworth. After dropping three of her kids to school, she would flier door-to-door advertising her classes while her youngest slept in his pushchair. Her classes in the church halls began to consistently grow and word of mouth about her teaching spread to larger London studios, in particular Triyoga where she mostly teaches now.

Julie noticed that many of her students were tired and exhausted…and she knows all about that having had four kids! So she created an energising sequence for her classes and a hip hop yoga playlist in which she hoped that the rapping of Eminem and the likes might allow her students to ‘8 Mile’ it and well, ‘Lose Yourself’ to the music and the energy in the room. Her style of teaching is energising, fast-paced and fun but always followed by a long Sivasana or meditation. She makes sure the high-energy gets balanced by some stillness and quiet.

She now teaches sold-out classes of up to 80 people and is often found teaching on the radiator to make sure everyone gets a spot. She gets a spot. She has her own online yoga course: ‘Julie’s Yoga for a Healthy Life’, and will be launching her first 200-hour Teacher Training programme in early 2017.

Images by Besthealthcareinfo.com at Verdun PR

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