JULY 2020 issue is OUT NOW!

Dear YOGA Magazine readers,

As the world continues to change around us, we are all learning to adopt new routines and adapt to different rhythms as we learn to balance work, personal and family life, as well as our inner and spiritual needs. It’s undoubtedly a challenge, but all around us we can see so much of the world rising to the occasion and finding precious jewels in these times.

In this issue of YOGA Magazine, we travel through many of these spheres, and as you read these pages we hope that you will find much that resonates with you.

In our first article, Harriet Smith gives us a look at how your yoga practice can enhance your other physical activities with her detailed article, Yoga for Sports, which draws on her own personal experiences in the field.

Many yoga instructors are finding themselves having to learn a whole new skill in these times—online marketing and teaching!  Intimidating? Caroline Shola Arewa’s article provides you both inspiration and practical steps you can enact to take your business online and keep sharing your skills with those that need them.

The article Yin/Yang & An Egyptian Goddess shares fascinating history that links the practice of yoga to an ancient deity, and Jax Pax breaks down yoga for the science minded amongst us. Sound & Mantra is a wonderful piece by Manish Vyas, as he teaches us from his deep insight and knowledge of India’s sacred music. I also share insight into the Mudras, or sacred hand gestures, so key in the practice of yoga, and the article has been enhanced with clear instructions to make following it easy for anyone.

You won’t want to miss From Regret to Superhuman in 51 Days, a personal tale of entrepreneur Dan Warburton and his deep dive into intense Himalayan yoga; the honesty and clarity make the article a truly immersive read.

In this issue we are also delighted to present the first in a series of essays by expert Kabbalist and yogi Bill Heilbronn, shared from earlier vintage editions of our magazine. Bill’s experience and knowledge, born of years of study, are a joy and privilege to read, and we believe you will enjoy them as much as we did.

And this isn’t all—there are even more articles than this for you to explore as you move through these pages – from Niraj Niak’s advice on how we can harness pranayama, the creation of Tao Face Yoga by Savina Atai, weight loss recipes and advice by the well-known vegan activist Marlene Watson-Tara to pre and post natal yoga masterclass. It is our deep desire that you will find much that teaches and touches you and helps to enhance your life and personal yoga practice in these challenging times. We have even included some travel ideas to inspire you for when you choose to begin to journey once again!

Stay safe! Stay healthy!

Yogi Maharaj Dr Malik


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