JULY 2021 is OUT NOW!

Dear YOGA Magazine readers,

It is my pleasure to wish you all a Happy International Day of Yoga that falls on June 21. The magic of yoga is what brought us all together and I am extremely grateful for the constant support and love showered to us from our lovely contributors, readers and the global yoga community.

Originated in India over 5000 years ago as a comprehensive mind, body and soul practice, yoga has been embraced by people of all ages and dispositions, with over 300 million yoga practitioners worldwide according to a study in 2020. Practising yoga and mindfulness provides well-known myriad of physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. It is not just about moving your body into different asanas. but to connect, reflect and discover the sense of being within yourself. And it is when you look within yourself, you are able to find your true self.

This month’s issue is packed with articles celebrating yoga, its values and impact in the world. I am delighted to present an exclusive interview with Sadhguru, a highly influential yogi, mystic, visionary and a NYT bestselling author. We explore the ancient roots of yoga including Iyengar yoga therapy by one of the foremost yoga teachers, B.K.S. Iyengar and Tummo yoga, an ancient meditation technique that enhances the physiological self-regulation, personal consciousness and the inner psychic heat. Niraj Naik continues to enlighten us on
the many benefits of pranayama for a better breathwork practice. I very much enjoyed reading the article by Rola Tassabehji on the similarities among Stoicism, Buddhism and Yoga Philosophy. It provides an opportunity to expand our understanding of ancient philosophical principles while bringing them closer to our fast-changing modern life. And Keith Lowenstein MD and Lyndsey Anderson take us again through the annals of history with the second part of their article series,
The Four V’s of Ganesh Baba’s Kriya Yoga and Sacred Scriptures, outlining this great man’s efforts to make emergent properties of meditation more acknowledged in the world.

In our nutrition section, Keith Squires explores the ecological advantages of eating and gives an idea of to its sensory and multidimensional form of art. The article Coming Out of Yoga Hibernation is very inspirational, showing how even though times have changed, yogis can still find ways to connect and practise yoga. And we join Vanessa Potter in Starting Out, combining some of the best meditation techniques for absolute beginners.

If you’re looking to travel any time soon, we have good news for you – Thailand is welcoming you back again! Check out Frances Geoghegan’s article where he guides you through the Thai wonders. And don’t miss the excellent sportswear by Zozimus that are designed to help you move better, perform better and feel better.

Our cover story of the month features the fascinating journey of how Kyla Fox healed from an eating disorder and found her physical and spiritual balance through yoga. You can learn more about her in these pages, along with my continuing columns like Yoga Sutras and Vedic Astrology and much more.

Let yoga raise your soul’s vibration.

Yogi Maharaj Dr Malik


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