July issue OUT NOW!

This month we take a look at the meaning of pranayama and provide a basic practice and there are some essential tips for developing a transformational home practice. 
Nicola Jane Hobbs introduces us to her wonderful ‘Thrive Through Yoga’, especially designed to develop a daily practice, nourish our emotions and strengthen the ‘bodymind’, and she shares a delightful sequence from her book. 

We also profile Swami Vivekananda, a Hindu monk with great spiritual influence in India who addressed the first Parliament of Religions in 1893, and we look at the best foods to eat for clear skin and to maintain a healthy gut. 

Meditation master Pradhan Balter answers some of your questions on dealing with those ‘pesky thoughts’ and we take a philosophical look at prana and freedom. 

Our guest teacher Angela Sykes, guides us through Forearm Cat/Cow, Ardha Pincha Mayurasana (Dolphin pose) and Twisted Root Headstand before a delightful ‘Trust the Process sequence that’s designed to build inner and outer strength and develop focus, confidence and stability. 

We hope you enjoy reading the magazine and look forward to meeting with you in August. 

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