July issue OUT NOW!

This month we take a look at the tell tale signs you’re in need of a yoga retreat and show what you can expect, along with advice on making sure you pick the perfect place.
Christopher Gladwell continues with his insightful series on Patanjali, examining vrttis and the next three limbs, and we talk yoga and poetry with Er-kin Bek.

There’s also a spiritual take on love – the elixir of life, and Theodore Diomn discusses Neurodynam-ics and the key principles of the musculoskeletal system.

July’s Teacher of the Month Julie Montagu, talks us through Malasana (Squat pose), Ardha Chan-drasana (Half Moon pose) and Svarga Dvidasana (Birds of Paradise variation), before a quick and easy yoga energising sequence.

Plus we’ve got the latest yoga fashion to keep you looking good on and off the mat, and we share simple but essential meditation tips for novices, and practical advice to make sure you keep up with your practice while on holiday.

We hope you enjoy reading the magazine and I look forward to meeting up with you in July.