July issue OUT NOW!

Dear YOGA Magazine readers,

We all wish to state our thanks for your support, feedback and encouragement. Our appreciation goes to you for reading our magazine or browsing through it. We hope that you find inspiration and lots of ideas and tips, to implement, explore or reflect upon. This month we pay particular attention to body mindfulness and emotional wellbeing. 

We have expert tips, advice and guidance from stellar experts including Celebrity Nutritionists and yoga experts such as Nanci Sherman, Corinne Sippola, Sarah McAllister, Carolyn Cowan our expert from triyoga (London), Dr Marilyn Glenville, Dr Carrie Ruxton, Vivianne Nantel (Devi), Paul McQueen, Robert Butera, PhD, Jennifer Kreatsoulas PhD, Craig Rose PhD, Gregory Ormson, Christine Lemucchi, Jo Fox, Rory Z. Fulcher and more. Their golden advice is sure to inspire you to create a ‘beautiful’ life. A wide variety of subject matter is covered in this issue – including natural alternatives to dieting, supplements for weight loss, hypno-fasting, practical yoga postures for men to improve their potency, vitality and ‘staying’ power.

We check out an exciting array of yoga that they are doing at the ‘grass-roots’ level including Hotyoga, Inclusive yoga, Motorcycle yoga, Kundalini yoga breathing exercise, Bhakti yoga, and more. 

There’s also wellness design advice on how to create a perfectly energetically aligned yoga shala/studio using classical Chinese feng-shui principles. 

If you are planning to get away for a break then check out our Spa Special with advice on where to try sensual treatments and enjoy the radiance and beauty of stunningly exotic places. 

There’s so much packed into our July issue including fashion-wear, readers stories and what’s hot. 

We hope that you enjoy reading or browsing the magazine and that you find new innovative ideas to supplement your existing healthy lifestyle and/or to try out a new way of ‘being’,‘living’ or ‘thinking’.

Lots of love and best wishes

Yogi Dr Malik


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