Welcome to the July issue of YOGA Magazine.
Micro-practices have been part of the Tantra tradition for centuries for developing mindfulness, and Christopher Gladwell provides a range of modern micro-practices that we can incorporate into our daily life to develop greater awareness, become more engaged and prevent stress.

We look at how a spiritual fast can help unite the mind, body and spirit to cultivate peace within and access higher consciousness, and there’s chance to win a healthy spa retreat and £250 to spend at on eco-friendly yoga clothing from Wellicious.

There’s also a home workout to awake your soul, and our guest teacher Shanine Collinson provides a yoga sequence that leads up to the Flying Crow pose. We also feature a Kundalini retreat in Ibiza and show how yoga is being used on tour with an international rock star; and we investigate the 5 levels of dharma  – the disciplines that help us live accordingly.

I hope you enjoy reading the magazine and I look forward to meeting up with you in August.


Yogi Dr Malik

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