JUNE 2020 issue is OUT NOW!


We have all been affected at some level by the current world epidemic. COVID-19 has changed the way we live, work and even think. It’s important in these ‘times’ to keep your mind and body grounded. The Immune system is always open to attack from many diseases and conditions. Whether we are healthy or not, whether we are well or unwell, it’s important to take out quality time now, more than ever before, to engage yourself and explore healthy eating (diet) and practical exercises to strengthen the body and its multifaceted systems. Practise of spiritual and meditative practices help to still the mind and relieve anxiety, stress and help keep the immune system strong as well. It is equally important to concentrate on our breath. Your breath is precious and the way you breathe can also make a significant impact on your biological and physiological systems, this includes your immune system.

This month we have special in-depth yoga articles plus practical step by step exercises that address all above – body, mind and spirit. Nutritionists Marlene Watson-Tara and Lauren Windas guide and inspire you to towards healthy lifestyle and diet; their nutrition packed recipes are worth trying. We have practical yoga masterclass for the hitherto neglected toes from Koya Webb, a bedtime sequence from Hannah Barrett to give you a restful sleep and a collection of spring asanas from myself to rejuvenate and detox both body and mind.

YOGA Magazine was pleased to interview Alice Veasey and is pleased to present everything a pre and post-natal mum would like to know about pregnancy yoga. The yoga wear from the leading UK clothing brand BAM Bamboo Clothing and the newly launched Medellin Wellness Centre in Columbia are reviewed.

We are delighted to feature Christopher Gladwell who explains Tantra Yoga and its various aspects and Victor M. Parachin who traces how Ramana Maharshi emerged as India’s ‘Spiritual Superman’.

There’s lots more packed in this month’s magazine including whole vibration technology yoga, steps to maintain your yoga business, yoga sutras, and even the mystical beads of Rudraksha and why these are worn.

Last but not least, I am sure yoga practitioners and teachers will be pleased to read the insight captured by Melissa Alberran of the two directors (Brian Cooper & Bruce Mackay) of Yoga Alliance Professionals regarding

the impetus for setting up, its significance, and their impressions on the ever-changing role of the yoga teacher.

Yoga practice is a great preventative measure to invest in to help keep away untimely disease and ailments. We wish to thank you for reading, skimming, browsing the magazine in these ‘difficult’ and unpredictable times.

Stay safe! Stay healthy!

– Yogi Maharaj Dr Malik Editor