Just Bee

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AppleJust Bee, has developed a range of refreshing honey infused spring waters perfect for Yogis!

Launched in 2015, Just Bee uses only honey as a natural sweetener to create a range of refreshing and hydrating infused spring waters, providing natural slow release energy and a commitment to help save the bees!

Founded by two young entrepreneurial frinds Joe Harper (age 31) and Andy Sugden (age 30), the inspiration for Just Bee Drinks comes from a shared passion in beekeeping and healthy living. One of the company’s founders, Joe, comes from a family of beekeepers.

The drinks are 100% natural, use less than 4g of sugar per 100ml and have less than 50 calories in each drink. Joe says: “There is a greater awareness about what we put in our bodies now, especially for those that regularly exercise. When practicing yoga or attending the gym Just Bee is a great way to hydrate your body, but also provide a natural source of slow release energy to fuel before or replenish after a session. People always comment on how refreshing and natural Just Bee tastes”

BlueberryPaleo friendly, approved by nutrition gurus and sold as a healthier alternative to the white stuff, honey is winning in the face of a sugar backlash. According to research, honey’s position as a health food that has strengthened its popularity.

Founder of Just Bee Drinks, Joe, agrees: “There are so many healthy reasons why people are turning to honey, in addition to its great taste of course! Energy from honey is released slower than others sugar, because its high fructose levels mean it has a lower GI (buy dapoxetine online).

On top of this, honey is of course completely natural and isn’t refined in the same way normal white sugar is. With people also becoming more concerned around artificial sweeteners and other chemicals being added to drinks, is a great alternative. Humans have been using honey as a natural energy source for over 10,000 years, so it has certainly stood the test of time!”

LemonThe range comprises of Apple & Ginger; Blueberry & Lemon and Lemon & Green Tea, each with a ‘hint of honey’.

Joe adds: “Just Bee is an ethical brand which is looking to help reduce the decline in honeybees and support the environment too.” The drinks are packaged in environmentally friendly Tetra Pak cartons and 10% of profits are donated to UK charities including Friends of the Honeybee, a UK charity that helps to reverse the dramatic decline in bee numbers.