Advanced Lotus Peacock

Sit down in Lotus position, inhaling extend your torso up opening the chest. Take your hands beside your thighs. Press fingertips down and come up onto your knees. Take your palms underneath your chest, spreading all the fingers away from each other, fingertips towards your groins, your little fingers touching each other and hands four fingers apart. As you exhale, bend your arms from elbows, start to draw your elbows together to meet towards your belly button.

Lowering your head down to the floor, rest your chest over your upper arms, inhaling begin lifting your knees off the floor whilst still in Lotus, with the strength of your pelvis and front of your thighs and without strain in your neck muscles. Lift the folded legs high first as much as possible, and then start lowering them down to lift your chest up and head off the floor and extend forwards away from the belly button.

Breathe normally balancing the weight evenly between chest, upper body and legs like a pair of weighing scales. Hold the posture for 6-8 breaths then gently release the knees to the floor. Change the cross of the legs and repeat. If you are trying this posture for the first time please put a cushion under your head on the floor in case you lose your balance.


  • Good for increasing metabolism, and strengthens the chest which helps to eliminate toxins from your blood. Good for digestion as it increases the agni (digestive fire) and massages the internal organs in the lower torso primarily the liver and kidneys. This posture is tridoshic (balances all three doshas). Also can give your skin a good glow!


  • Avoid if you have high blood pressure, heart problems, or abdominal ulcers. Not advisable if you are pregnant or during the recovery period from illness.