Compassion in Action in the Himalayas

‘Karuna’ means ‘compassion’ in Sanskrit, and it’s what we bring to thousands of vulnerable and under-served people in Tibet, Nepal and India each year.

Our unique approach stems from the vision of our founder, Matthieu Ricard – best-selling author, photographer, humanitarian and Buddhist monk. He donates all of his proceeds to Karuna-Shechen’s programs in health care, education, women’s empowerment and community development in the Himalayas.

Working collaboratively with our beneficiaries and a network of local grassroots organisations and partners, we provide short-term support that fosters long-term change. Our comprehensive development strategy is based on active community participation, and the preservation of local natural resources, expertise and culture.

At the heart of most of our programs is the empowerment of women as agents of change in the community. We have provided hundreds of Indian and Nepalese women with literacy classes and entrepreneurial training, giving them the opportunity to become independent and equal members of society.

Two examples: Shobha now owns her own non-polluting taxi, and has taken her family out of poverty while helping to improve the environment in Bodhgaya, India. Puja, also from India, is now a solar engineer, bettering her own life and her community by providing solar light to remote village households.

Thousands of others – from children who now have access to clean drinking water in the highest mountain villages of Nepal, to elderly who have been cured of tuberculosis in the slums of Bodhgaya – are receiving the tools they need to build self-sufficiency and a brighter future. In these ways and many more, Karuna-Shechen is making a lasting difference.

We invite you to learn more about our projects and join our humanitarian efforts: sign up for our newsletter for stories and insight from Matthieu Ricard at www.Karuna-Shechen.org and www.MatthieuRicard.org

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