Katie Leach

Katie Leach
Katie started practising yoga over 10-years ago as a way to balance out high impact cardio work in the form of hockey and running that was creating tension and tightness within her body.

Initially her practice was intermittent but over time yoga started becoming a bigger and bigger part of her life, turning from being a purely physical practice to one that had huge benefits on the mind.

Predominantly an Ashtanga practitioner, the ability to practise a moving meditation on a regular basis and watch both her mental and physical states grow keeps Katie returning to the mat.

Having trained originally in multi-style yoga (Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga) Katie likes to apply different styles depending on people’s experience and needs, believing there is no one size fits all approach.

Coming from a sports background and having to be both patient and work hard on the flexibility side of yoga, Katie always encourages those who feel they do not have the archetypal yoga body to give it a go, with the benefits being holistic to the body and mind. Her favourite quote being “You would never say you’re too dirty to take a shower so you are never too inflexible to be-slimmer.net!”

Katie has just returned from India having spent three-months studying yoga, completing her 500-hours teacher training in Ashtanga, and spending a month practising in Mysore. She is based in South West London and is available for both corporate and private classes.

For more information visit yogathlete.co.uk You can follow @yogathlete on Twitter or @yogathleteuk on instagram. Photography by Johnny Perryman ColbertInstagram @jperrymancolbert

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