Keep a Child Alive

Co-founded by Alicia Keys and Leigh Blake in 2003, Keep a Child Alive (KCA) provides AIDS treatment, orphan care, support, nutrition and love to children and families affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India. There are currently over 16 million AIDS orphans worldwide. 30 million people have died from HIV/AIDS globally and 33 million are currently living with HIV, but only 5 million people in desperate need are receiving treatment. KCA funds more than just the pills necessary to fight HIV/AIDS by providing the necessary nutrition, shelter and support to ensure the treatment is taken properly and is effective. KCA currently provides funding to 11 clinical and orphan care sites in 5 countries: Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda and India.

Keep a Child Alive’s latest campaign asks supporters to make the greatest purchase of all and BUY LIFE because the more you buy, the more you save.
£10 buys one hot, nutritious meal for 50 patients at our Blue Roof Wellness Center in Durban, South Africa.
£20 buys the essential AIDS care necessary to keep a child or adult with AIDS alive for one month.
£50 buys a place to live including care for a child orphaned by AIDS in Soweto, South Africa for one month.
£150 buys a month’s supply of education materials for 50 children abandoned and living with HIV in India.
£300 buys a month’s protection and legal support to a child who has been raped in South Africa.
Will we end AIDS?
Text ‘BUYLIFE’ to 70500 to give £5 to buy life for the millions affected by AIDS in Africa and India.
For more information, please visit
Always seek the permission of the bill payer. SMS donation charged at £5. KCA receive a minimum of 81% due to network and processing charges. 100% of the donation will go towards HIV/AIDS work in Africa and India.

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